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Mass indoctrination propaganda


The project  NWO CORP SYSTEM  began shooting in 2017. The influences of these works come from the propaganda of the Spanish Civil War. one of the reasons that made me stand up was the  Movement 15M , in which I actively participated, that broadened my perspective of how the gear of the current system works.

Ancla 1
Promotional video NWO CORP SYSTEM
Trained . Made in 2016. It was here that the project began to shoot. Modernizing the figure of the three wise monkeys, "thanks" to the "Gag Law".

I based my first inquiry on addressing the concept of propaganda, something that we generally associate with the great totalitarianisms of the s. XX, because they were aware of the power that this method had when it came to manipulating opinion, using persuasion strategies unfounded in fear and loyalty to the current regime.

This is how I founded NWO CORP SYSTEM, a project that emulates that kind of propaganda, twisting it with the help of the concept of "double-thinking", created by  George Orwell  for his dystopian novel  "1984"  and cleverly defined as "the ability to hold two opposing beliefs simultaneously." The result of this is a propaganda where illustration and message contradict each other, which allows me to investigate the objectivity of current political-social conflicts, provoking the reaction of the audience to realities that they know but that they normally accept without opposing, since they are part of the virtualized hyper-reality in which he lives.

To do this, I rely on the fact that the impact of the image and the iconography is always above the word, since anyone can understand an image without great intellectual effort (what is called a cognitive shortcut). In addition, the image appeals more to the emotional plane than to the rational one, so it is persuasively more effective. This gives me a wide playing field, since it allows me to generate strong emotions through an illustration based on mixed techniques, which I then ironically contrast with divergent discourses that I express through text. Thus an internal debate is generated that forces to question what is seen and what is read, inviting to reflect on the inoculation of ideology and values that is exercised today, in an unethical way, for example through media.

logo_2022_sin fondo.png
Ancla 2

This project is carried out to stimulate critical thinking, favor the viewer who receives these inputs, generating questioning to the detriment of what is established or unique thinking. These expressions can be very beneficial when making decisions in our daily lives for greater human development.

Welcome to Europe
Adopt a Banker
Hit the like
I'm Fine
The good patriot
Vulture funds
The Wars
The ideas
We need you
Urban Legend
We need more workers
Do not question
Don't be ballast
They Invade us
To protect you
Peace and Order
For Freedom
To Thrive
Breaking news
A chinese tale
Follow your leaders
Everithing's going to be fine

You can find all the propaganda here:

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