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Manu Guayre, Barcelona, 1982. My small homeland is Sant Vicenç dels Horts, I have grown up in a working-class family, without great luxuries and few whims, where they taught me that “things” are not measured by their price, if not by Its utility.

I am a creative person with endless artistic concerns, since I was little I have always liked to draw ("Son Gokus" as my mother used to say) and do all kinds of plastic crafts, which in my adulthood I have continued to exercise giving it a point of more ironic and critical view of my work.

Most of my training is self-taught, until I decided to start taking painting classes at the  Da Vinci escola d'art  from Barcelona from 2014 to 2019, (too many ideas for a very “being at home” base). I occasionally collaborate in the satirical magazine Mongolia .


Back in 2008, I decided to start doing work. My source of inspiration at that time was music. I liked listening to it and trying to interpret it in an artistic way. I started with mixed techniques, using all kinds of materials so that the viewer could not only contemplate it and reflect on the work, but rather so that they could interact with it as can be seen in “from the inside out” . I was also experimenting with the neoplasticist and futurist movements, in the search for my own style, see “from outside inside” .

In 2017 I started the NWO CORP SYSTEM project. A fictitious company dedicated to indoctrination double-thinking propaganda, inspired by George Orwell's 1984 bestseller. The main objective of this project is to get people to think and debate, to question what they read and what they see, that they don't know. in accordance with the information produced by the current media and that investigates in search of the objectivity of political-social conflicts.

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  • "NWO CORP SYSTEM" (Mass Indoctrination Propaganda) in Palau Alòs (Barcelona, 2021)

  • Presentation of "The OBDC of the good citizen for children"  + Expo NWO CORP SYSTEM in La Social (Barcelona, 2021)

  • "Mediocrity leads to success" in El último mono organized by La Casa Amarilla (Málaga, 2021)


  • "NWO CORP SYSTEM -Let us think for you-" in  NIU Espai d'art  (Barcelona, 2020).


  • "You Are Happy" in  La Botánica  (Barcelona, 2020).

  • 8th Anniversary PAH SVH at the Fira d'hivern de Sant Vicenç dels Horts (Barcelona, 2020).

  • Main exhibition at the cultural festival  COOPDULL  what did he do  Zumzeig Cooperative Cinema  (Barcelona, 2019)




  • #OFFYELLOWSUMMER collective exhibition in public space organized by La Casa Amarilla (Málaga, 2021)

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