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2017 / Present

The beginnings with the creation of work were very varied in the first stage, using mixed techniques, with all kinds of materials such as clay, rope, wood and also oil paint.

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At the beginning, the creation of a unique work was chosen, which with the passage of time and the nature of the project, was transformed towards the solely digital process, leaving aside the elaboration of the unique work and giving way to reproduction. massive of it.


From the NWO CORP SYSTEM project I try to do my bit to help communities, platforms, associations, groups, NGOs ...

To do this, I design a limited edition print of the group in question, inspired by their history and their work. Everything collected is entirely for self-financing.  

I am aware of the difficulties in financing these movements since their main source of income is donations. This proposal is nothing more than a small contribution for all those who fight every day and want to change things in an ethical, sustainable and equitable way, can be financed with this limited edition.

If you are a social Movement and you are interested in this project, let's talk .

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Limited edition made for "PAH SVH" for its 8th Anniversary.

Technique: Acrylic (handmade)

Size: A3

Signed and numbered (10 units)

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