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The beginnings with the creation of work were very varied in the first stage, using mixed techniques, with all kinds of materials such as clay, rope, wood and also oil paint.

There are several influences at this stage, highlighting the personal interpretation, music and especially the work of  Manolo García , Spanish singer-songwriter ex-member of The Last of the Row, as can be seen in the works "Pajaros de barro", "The fruit of the highest branch", "Lost looks" or "Weight and lightness" . You can also see the first forays into social criticism, as in the work of "Patria." It was a time of experimentation with different materials, seeking proximity with the viewer, creating works with reliefs for a greater emotional experience.

In the works of "Clay birds", "Homeland" or "Weight and lightness" I wanted to go a little beyond mere contemplation and reflection, creating interactive works, where the viewer can interact with them. "Pájaros de barro" is a guitar score, which with notions could play the first chords of the song that gives its name, "Patria" is a tambourine made by hand with recycled materials and "Weight and lightness" is a guitar transformed into work, which still sounds.

Inside Out

Outside in

The influences of this stage are similar to those of  "Inside out" , since they were made in the same period. One can observe in the works an experimentation with the  Neoplasticism  or the  futurism .


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