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The OBDC of the good citizen for children

It is well known that boys and girls begin to forge their personality from 2 or 3 years of age. It is at that time that you, as an adult, take responsibility for turning them into good citizens.


The older ones are the mirror where the little ones look at themselves. Therefore, as a responsible adult, you must ensure that children comply with state doctrines with discipline.


This indoctrination pamphlet for the little ones contemplates the necessary bases to fulfill the obligations with/for our Nation.


Read and explain this pamphlet, not once, but several times. This pamphlet was specifically designed as a guide for the little ones and is mandatory for their learning throughout their lives.


The ideal of a single government resides in the fact that it does not have the need to impose its authority by force, but rather that all citizens are convinced that by giving themselves up to its service they contribute to peace and order.


Where adults do not go, we will do our job.


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