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The definitive guide to Reds and Fachas

The way of acting and the customs of individuals cause them to label you to place you in a certain group, regardless of your beliefs or affirmations, your attitude will create a residue in the collective imagination that will reveal your true nature.

Today everyone's attitudes are in vogue, every word, gesture or movement is examined to find out which foot you're limping on, this task is becoming more difficult every day, makes it almost impossible to differentiate ourselves, which is why to give a little To shed light on these uncertainties, an exhaustive study has been carried out to decipher the keys so that there is no doubt where you are positioned.

After a popular consultation with the bases, this definitive guide has been prepared to identify with some accuracy the customs or behaviors of reds and fachas.

This guide will guide you to find out which current you are in and has a simple test that you will find at the end where it will indicate which ideology is closest to your thinking.

Dedicated to all those who use the qualifiers FACHA or ROJO with total lightness.

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